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This Aluminum twist lock tension pole is a nice add on accessory for the 8101 Swag tent. Simply insert the pins on this pole into the grommets at the top head and foot of the swag tent and extend the pole until the tent is taut. This is a useful accessory when its difficult to find ground to put the guy out stakes in. Ideal for use in a truck bed, or cot.

Why do you need this pole? You don't. It is optional. It gives the added convenience to make your Swag freestanding (without use of guy ropes and stakes). It will also make the frame a little stiffer. This pole will fold up and roll up in the swag for easy storage.

The weight is 1 lb. Ship weight (with packaging) is approx 2 lbs.


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    Posted by Chad on 5th Oct 2020

    This tension pole is perfect. It does exactly what it says it does. Perfect for setting up the single man swag on hard packed clay or rocky areas by avoiding putting ground steaks outs to keep it spread apart! If you are on the fence about it, just do it. You won't regret it!

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    Sawg Tension Pole Accessory

    Posted by Aaron on 21st Aug 2020

    Listed as an accessory, but I think it is necessary. Makes set-up easier and allows tent to free-stand without needing to be staked down.

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    Should be standard

    Posted by Cole Cook-Gabaldon on 18th Aug 2020

    Totally worth it. As I normally pair the Swag with a cot, this center pole is a must need. It should be part of the standard package.

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    Makes the tent even more versatile.

    Posted by Adam on 12th Aug 2020

    I definitely recommend adding one of these if you get a Kodiak swag tent. It lets you set your tent up anywhere without needing guy lines. For me, I needed a tent/bed that would fit in my truck bed and this was the answer to all my problems. My only gripe is that I wish I could find it with retailers or it should be included with the tent to begin with because it's hard to find this accessory.

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    Swag Pole Tension Pole

    Posted by Jerold Harter on 12th Aug 2020

    Good quality, good value, perfect for the task. Necessary for using swag on a cot.

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    (Read Me) you need this

    Posted by Larry C on 21st Jul 2020

    Ok, everyone! If you buy the Swag, you need this pole, period. Do not be a loser, purchase the swag, not buy this plow...then complain. Don’t be that person.

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    Swag tension pole

    Posted by Dannyjim on 12th Jul 2020

    No need to run guide ropes, perfect addition to the perfect tent!

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    Posted by Mike on 26th Jun 2020

    So, I bought my Swag a couple of years ago and this wasn't available at the time. I just so happened to be watching a video on the Swag on YouTube a few weeks ago and saw this. I love this thing. It really makes a difference and it allows you to pitch your swag without stakes...which is awesome. The swag is an awesome road trip tent for one person.

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    Posted by Thomas Cruz on 1st May 2020

    This a game changer with your Swag tent! It makes set up that much easier and and quicker. Also, if you have a roof rack that is big enough for set up, it allows you to put it on there without issue. Plus, setup on a cot is better without lines going to the ground for support. This pole does the trick!