Product Safety and Warnings - Stove Tents

Product Safety and Warnings

Your safety is our primary concern. A safe and healthy camper is a happy camper! Please read and follow the warnings below:

No Fire

  • Canvas tents are flammable. Keep all flame and heat sources away from the tent fabric. Never place a stove, campfire, or any other flame source in or near your tent. Never use, ignite, or refuel a stove, lantern, heater, or any other heat source inside your tent. Death by carbon monoxide poisoning and/or serious burns are possible.


  • Always maintain adequate ventilation inside your tent. Death by asphyxiation is possible.


  • This tent is not free-standing. If not properly anchored, it will collapse. Always anchor your tent properly to reduce the risk of loss or injury to the tent or occupants.

Campsite Choice

  • Carefully consider the possibility of falling rocks or tree limbs, lightning strikes, flash floods, avalanches, strong winds, and other objective hazards when choosing a campsite to reduce the risk of loss or injury to the tent or occupants.


  • Do not leave children unattended inside a tent or camp.
  • Do not allow children to assemble or dissemble the tent.
  • Do not allow children to remain closed-up in a tent on hot days.
  • Do not allow children to swing on, or hang from any part of this tent. Failure to follow these warnings may result in injury and/or death.


Using a Wood Burning Stove

This Kodiak Canvas, Cabin Lodge tent is equipped with a stove jack for use with a wood burning stove. Extreme caution should be used when using a wood burning stove! Carefully read and follow these important safety guidelines.

1. Your tent fabric is made of cotton canvas. The canvas is flammable and can burn if it comes in contact with a flame, hot stove, stovepipe, or embers.

  • Only use an approved wood burning stove and stovepipe. The approved stove for this tent is the
  • Colorado Cylinder Stove: Spruce Model with standard 12” stove legs. 5x6 Nested stovepipe.
  • Use a spark arrester on the stovepipe.
  • Secure the stove jack flap so it does not unroll and come in contact with hot stovepipe.
  • Only burn firewood. Do not use gas, lighter fluid, or other types of fuel.
  • Don’t allow the tent wall to come in contact with the stove.
  • Keep objects such as bedding, clothing, firewood, etc. a safe distance from the stove.

2. A stove will consume oxygen. Make sure to leave a window, vents, and/or a door open when the stove is burning.

3. Control the stove heat. Do not allow stove or stovepipe to become orange or red hot. Minimize fuel and use dampers to control burn. Do not use wood types, or oversized fires that cause hot embers to emit from the stovepipe. Damage caused by embers, or excessive stove or stovepipe heat is not covered by the warranty.

4. Use a non-flammable stove mat, or barrier underneath your stove (see Kodiak Canvas model number 1577 Stove Mat accessory). This is to prevent a hot ember from falling out of stove onto the tent floor. Alternatively, you could cut an adequate semi-circle opening in the tent floor. This could be folded under when using a stove.

5. Use a battery-operated, combo carbon monoxide / smoke detector (sold separately). Your tent is equipped with a clip-on, holder bag for the alarm. Place the alarm into the bag and clip the bag to the center of the ceiling inside the tent. Follow the alarm manufacturers’ instructions.

6. Keep a working fire extinguisher accessible inside the tent when a stove is in use.

7. Someone should always tend to a stove that is hot and in use. This person should be a competent adult that is awake, alert, and sober.

8. Children should not be left unattended in a tent with a hot stove.

9. In the event of strong winds, do not use the stove.

10. Similar to an outdoor campfire, judgement should be used in determining when and where to safely use a tent stove. Hot embers can emit out of the stove chimney and potentially cause a forest fire. Only use in safe conditions. Know and obey local regulations and fire restrictions.

11. Follow the stove manufactures’ instructions.