Product and Safety Warnings - Truck Tents

Product Safety and Warnings

Your safety is our primary concern. A safe and healthy camper is a happy camper! Please read and follow the warnings below:

No Fire

  • Canvas tents are flammable. Keep all flame and heat sources away from the tent fabric. Never place a stove, campfire, or any other flame source in or near your tent. Never use, ignite, or refuel a stove, lantern, heater, or any other heat source inside your tent. Death by carbon monoxide poisoning and/or serious burns are possible.


  • Always maintain adequate ventilation inside your tent. Death by asphyxiation is possible.


Shut Engine Off

  • To prevent engine exhaust from entering the tent, never assemble, or use the tent while the engine is running. Death by carbon monoxide poisoning is possible.


Do not Drive with Tent Erected

  • Do not drive your truck with the tent erected. It could cause damage to your truck, your tent, and others. Do not drive with the Mounting Rails attached. Vibration could cause them to come loose.

Campsite Choice

  • Carefully consider the possibility of falling rocks or tree limbs, lightning strikes, flash floods, avalanches, strong winds, and other objective hazards when choosing a campsite to reduce the risk of loss or injury to the tent or occupants.


  • Do not leave children unattended inside a tent or camp.
  • Do not allow children to assemble or dissemble the tent.
  • Do not allow children to remain closed-up in a tent on hot days.
  • Do not allow children to swing on, or hang from any part of this tent. Failure to follow these warnings may result in injury and/or death.