Mounting Rails Full Sized 6 ft (Set of 2)

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Mounting Rails 6 ft (Set of 2)


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    Mounting rails

    Posted by Morgan Patnode on 09-13-23

    The design and ease of install is great. This was a replacement set however. The tax welds are not super sturdy, they could be beefed up a little bit,

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    Poor tac welding on joints.

    Posted by Randall Hicks on 06-24-22

    The pipes are welding very poorly onto the rail itself. The aluminum tac-welds are poorly done and not enough of them. This is my second set that I have had to order because the canvas tent support poles break the tiny tac-welds which then the cups are broken off.

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    Mounting Rails

    Posted by Chris Hunter on 06-22-20

    Normally you'll never need to buy a replacement rail, but . . . If you tug and pull on your canvas (after the tent is set up on the truck) you can break a weld. Bottom line: My bad. Steel strong. Now I have a spare. Great service and timely delivery. Thanks Kodiak!

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    Pocket Rails Vs. Pin Rails

    Posted by Jason Garrett on 05-28-20

    I purchased these to replace my old pin style mounting rails and it was worth it. Set up is faster and easier with the pocket rails

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    Posted by Jim Cole on 09-23-19

    A great improvement, it makes setup so much easier.

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    The new mounting rails

    Posted by Kelly on 08-04-19

    Love the new mounting rails. We had bought the kodiak canvas tent 2yrs ago. The old system made putting the tent up more difficult especially for one person. Not now! One person can put the tent up in less then 10mins. We totally love our Kodiak more so now with new rail system.

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    Best Customer Service!

    Posted by Andre on 07-16-19

    Jon and Shalynn went above and beyond to get these mounting rails before my upcoming whitewater rafting trip. I never had an issue with the original ones (rails with the pin design) but after reading how much easier it was to set up with the tube design, I wanted to try it on this trip. They got me the parts I needed and they got it to me fast! Thank you Kodiak Tents for taking care of us in the field. You've earned another loyal customer.

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    6ft mount rails

    Posted by benjamin pesqueira on 05-23-19

    Don't wait, totally worth the expense.

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    Best Upgrade for truck tents

    Posted by John Nelson on 02-06-19

    This modification cuts the setup time by 10mins & makes it possible for one person to setup your tent by yourself. Best money spent.... Thanks Kodiak....