Love Letters

Things our customers have said about us...



"That's not the logo!" 

I was elk hunting in a remote wilderness area in eastern Oregon a couple years ago. I had just finished a lengthy scouting trip and returned to camp looking forward to getting warm. Upon my arrival, I was devastated to see my campsite had been ransacked by what I only assumed at first glance was a bear! My tent was flat, stakes pulled out and destruction everywhere. I thought to myself “hunting season is over.” As I assessed my situation, I was shocked to discover my tent – one of my lone remaining items – had survived! Even though my chair, cot and table that were inside the tent had not. A few days later I was joined by my buddy and I shared my story with him. He was admiring my Kodiak Canvas tent and especially liked the logo, but on closer examination I explained to him, “that’s not the logo – it’s a bear paw!” The rest is history, but man I’m glad you make such tough tents! 

-Frank G. (Gladstone, OR) February 2023


I researched a lot before buying my next late season hunting tent. I have had wall tents, dome tents and a Big Horn in the past. The Kodiak Canvas 10x10 Deluxe with the Wing Vestibule was the one I finally selected for this year's mid-November Colorado elk hunt. We experienced negative temps at night with the highest nighttime temp only reaching 4°. We used a “Buddy” heater on medium heat (with a remote CO2 sensor for caution) with good sleeping bags and slept warm and sound. It was also a nice warm place to retreat at the end of the day to warm up and enjoy a meal and conversation in comfort. We had on-and-off snow for over 5 days with no issues with leaks or condensation.  It easily accommodated two cots, a 3-foot table with a propane stove and a small table in the middle for eating, etc. There was ample room at the end of both cots for a storage bin, pack or other items. The zippers are great compared to other tents I have had, especially when trying to go out in the middle of the night. They are rugged and open and close easily. Setting up the tent is a breeze. Equally impressive is the floor - very thick waterproof material that should hold up well for years. I highly recommend the optional Wing Vestibule. It not only provided a break from the wind but also helped to keep the doorway free from snow. It is a great space to set up a table, camp kitchen, coolers etc. Overall, this may be the best tent I have had, and should last for many years - I highly recommend it!

Thanks Kodiak! -Brian M. (Colorado Springs, CO) November 2022


I drove 1,100 miles from Pennsylvania down to Florida for a 2 week fishing trip. After I arrived, there was news reports about Tropical Storm Nicole hitting the state. I had just got my site all set up and honestly never been through a tropical storm so I decided to stick it out in my Kodiak Canvas 10x14 tent. The rains started on Wednesday the 9th and continued all night and through most of the day on the 10th. The winds got high and the rain pounded my tent and I didn’t have one leak and it stayed firmly connected to the ground throughout the whole ordeal. While it wasn’t a great choice to sit out a storm that size in a tent I’m glad I was able to do it in a well made product. Thank you Kodiak Canvas for keeping me dry throughout the whole ordeal.

-Randy R. (Swoyersville, PA) November 2022





We just took our new 10x10 Flex Bow VX tent out on its maiden voyage, and we’re thoroughly impressed with the ease of set-up and take down, and quality of all the materials and workmanship that went into the manufacturing of this tent.

We are extremely happy that we chose the model with the extra windows, as the ventilation and increased natural light are a Godsend. The inclusion of the hanging organizers and loft are an especially nice touch which add to the usability of the interior space. During our first camping trip with this tent, we did experience thunderstorms with fairly strong winds and heavy rain. The tent didn’t waver at all and remained bone dry inside. With the rain I was able to experiment with the front entrance canopy to assure adequate drainage, without the rain pooling or collecting on the canopy. My solution was to pitch the canopy towards the corner opposite of the door, leaving plenty of height to enter the tent without excessive stooping or bending (see photo). In addition, to keep the canopy poles stable and secure, I placed spare 10 lb. standard weight plates (I carry in the back of the truck) at the bottom of the pole (the hole in the plate is large enough to allow for the pole being positioned at different angles) and fitted two guy lines on each pole for added stability. The nice thing about the weight plates is they can be moved forwards or backwards adjusting the canopy pitch quite easily. The tent with poles and stakes is fairly heavy but works out very well if one is doing car camping. Lastly the YKK zippers work smoothly and perform very well, in fact that was one of the major selling points, as other tents we have had in the past, the non YKK zippers always seemed to be the point of failure. Thank you Kodiak for an excellent product with quality workmanship.

- Allen F. (Chandler, AZ) Sept 2022





Hi there, saw your crew at the sportsman show in Portland today and thought I’d share a couple comments. I’ve had my 6’ truck tent since 2016 and used it all over. We’ve driven coast to coast 4 times, stayed in Zion, Moab, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Yosemite, and every beach or campout spot along the way. I’ve used it for elk and deer hunting all over Oregon and Idaho. If you’re looking for a quality product to use all over - and keep for a long time, this is it. I’ve woken up to wet heavy snow, strong winds, and pouring rain and the tent has lasted through it all - and never leaked! It’s good-quality canvas with a strong frame. We experienced a wind event in northern Idaho that crumpled tents and RV awnings all around us. The entire park was destroyed, and all the tents were in a pile at the far north end. My Kodiak tent held up just fine and kept all our stuff safe and protected. It’s a top-quality product and as soon as the new bed rails are in stock, I’m buying the new style pole rail to use with my older tent cause it’s going the distance.

- Jesse M. (The Dalles, OR) Feb 2022




"I’ve used my Flex-Bow tent every hunting season for five years. What a great product. It has never leaked and I’ve stayed in it in 15 degree weather and with a propane heater stayed nice and warm. Great product and friendly customer service too. Had a small problem with an end pole and they replaced it. Thanks again for a great product and friendly customer service. Five stars!!!!!"

-Tim B. (Cucumber, WV) Feb. 2021