Posted by Randy R. on 01-15-23

Randy R. (Swoyersville, PA) November 2022

I drove 1,100 miles from Pennsylvania down to Florida for a 2 week fishing trip. After I arrived, there was news reports about Tropical Storm Nicole hitting the state. I had just got my site all set up and honestly never been through a tropical storm so I decided to stick it out in my Kodiak Canvas 10x14 tent. The rains started on Wednesday the 9th and continued all night and through most of the day on the 10th. The winds got high and the rain pounded my tent and I didn’t have one leak and it stayed firmly connected to the ground throughout the whole ordeal. While it wasn’t a great choice to sit out a storm that size in a tent I’m glad I was able to do it in a well made product. Thank you Kodiak Canvas for keeping me dry throughout the whole ordeal.