12 x 9 ft. Canvas Cabin Camping Tent with Deluxe Awning

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Model 6133. Camp in comfort and style with this rugged and versatile canvas cabin tent, ideal for those extended use occasions. Made with premium grade, Hydra-Shield™, 100% cotton duck canvas. The tight weave and silicone finish make this canvas watertight yet breathable, minimizing condensation and mugginess. The robust 1-inch steel tube poles with welded corner braces will hold up to the weather. The floor is a seamless, heavy-duty, puncture resistant, 16 oz vinyl that keeps water out. The tall ceiling (7.5 ft. at peak) and steep wall design (5.5 ft. at sides) provide a roomy interior with stand-up, walk-around comfort. A spacious 8 x 8.5 ft. awning with an optional screen enclosure (sold separately) creates the perfect picnic or living area, providing shade, and protection from the weather and insects. A large front door and a side entry with high-grade #10 zippers offer convenient access. Five large windows provide openness, and excellent air flow. The no-see-um screen mesh keeps out the smallest bugs. For ventilation and openness the versatile side wall can be rolled up, or extended out with poles into a small awning. Zip down the side wall for stormy weather, or privacy. Stainless steel, wire stake loops give superior strength and durability. 



  • Spacious 7.5 ft peak ceiling height and steep walls. Stand up, walk around comfort
  • Deluxe Awning 8 x 8.5 ft. with steel frame (option to set up with or without awning)
  • Large D-shaped front door, and side entry
  • Hydra-ShieldTM 100% cotton duck canvas. Durable, watertight, and breathable
  • Sturdy frame with reinforced welded corner braces
  • 5 Large windows with no-see-um mesh
  • Side wall rolls up for openness and ventilation, or extends out with poles to convert into a small awning
  • Stainless steel, wire stake loops
  • Heavy-duty, 12-inch, steel rod, tent stakes
  • Zippered storage bag


  • Approx. Weight: 112 lbs. (Includes tent, poles, stakes, and storage bags)
  • Size: 12x9 ft. Tent space, plus 8x8.5 ft. deluxe awning
  • Pack Size: Tent--Length: 32 in. Diameter 16 in., Poles--Length: 46 in. Diameter 8.5 in.
  • Capacity: 6-person
  • Ceiling Material: 10 oz Hydra-shieldTM canvas
  • Wall Material: 8.5 oz Hydra-ShieldTM canvas
  • Floor Material: 16 oz vinyl. Polyester reinforced, seamless
  • Zippers: #10 coil on door, #8 coil on windows
  • Frame: 1-inch, galvanized, steel tubing
  • All-season*: Use year-round, but not designed for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations.*The awning is not designed for snow loads and should be stowed during winter camping
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty

Product and Safety Warnings

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California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS


 Additional Options (Sold Separately):

#1651 Canvas Wall Enclosure Accessory with windows. Includes bonus organizers and storage bag.
#0591 Ground Tarp (12x9 ft fits tent area)
#0598  Ground Tarp (9x8 ft fits awning area)

#1572 Floor Liner
#100103 Pocket Organizer
#100104 Bag Organizer


  • 4
    A great tent!

    Posted by Nan Moses on 11-23-23

    Overall, I am very happy with this cabin tent. It was easy to put up. It's definitely a two-man job. I have a couple small complaints. The horizontal door zipper and the vertical door zipper do not meet flush at the corner. The horizontal zipper is too long by about 3/4 of an inch and leaves of Gap at the closure. Second, I don't really see the need for a second awning. It's inconvenient not to be able to roll the window covering up and down from the inside. Also, it's a far lean from the outside to roll it up and secure it. The man who helped me put it up had an interesting observation. He thinks that it would be a better design to have the walls slope inward. Yes it reduces floor space but it allows the rain to run off the roof and not Down the Walls of the tent. I agree! Also I live in Hawaii and am living in my tent. The USPS will not ship kiwi Camp dry to Hawaii so I cannot get the sealant for the seams. It would be nice customer service to include a can of the sealant to any of your tents going to Hawaii. We're coming into the rainy season now and so far so good! No leaks! Thank you for a great tent.

  • 5
    Kodiak 12x9 Cabin Tent with Awning

    Posted by Rick B on 06-29-23

    This is the first tent that we have had as a family. My wife is renowned for her dedication to sustainable fabrics so getting a nylon or other PVC based tent was not an option. I read all the reviews ahead of time and knew that this tent would be a bear to set up (which it is). The awning is even worse. You need a second person to steady the awning's poles while getting set up otherwise they just collapse in the slightest of breezes. Even with help, it takes a solid hour to set up the tent, the awning, and the awning walls. In short, this is by far the most difficult tent I have ever set up. That being said - totally worth it! The tent itself is amazing in that it has plenty of room for the 4 of us, and I don't have to stoop when moving around. Our first night of camping was full of rain and thunderstorms and the tent never let in a drop of moisture. The enclosed area made by the deluxe awning walls practically doubles the tent's liveable area. Other campers in our area were skeptical of it when they saw how long it took me to assemble, but when it was done the whole campground agreed it was the finest tent they had ever seen. My favorite comment is that the tent "is civilized". Indeed. I don't like that you have to stake out the tent to the ground otherwise the tent poles don't seat properly. This means I couldn't assemble the tent in the garage post-trip to let it dry out and instead had to anchor and assemble it in the back yard and wait for the rain/temperature/work schedule align long enough for me to be able to disassemble the tent for storage. In heavy rains the tent and awning will accumulate rainwater on the roof indefinitely. The only way to alleviate this is to use guy wires to hold the awning roof line taut. This will also keep the tent's roof taut and rain won't be an issue. But again, best tent money can buy. It takes forever to set up and disassemble. But at 118 lbs you aren't taking this backpacking anway. Open a beverage and lean into the zen of tent assembly.

  • 5
    Best tent ever

    Posted by Jayson on 06-14-23

    Bought this tent five years ago. Use it a lot and absolutely love it . Roomy, waterproof, looks great, win-win. It’s worth buying the wall enclosure for the awning - it's great for sitting bug free and drinking the morning coffee. I’ve never regretted buying this, it’s the best tent . Period!!!!

  • 5
    Cabin tent with awning

    Posted by Mark Waller on 11-24-22

    This is absolutely the best tent me and my wife have ever purchased, we also have the wall kit for the awning and highly recommend the wall kit. Wall kit is not water proof but listened to Kodiak and used the correct spray for watproofing and it has shed water like crazy for years. We are 60 and 61 and have no problems setting it up for our adventures.

  • 5
    6133 cabin tent

    Posted by Mark Sommers on 10-14-22

    I purchased this fine tent as a replacement . I sadly lost my last 6133 in the September 3rd , Border 32 wildfire in San Diego county . My original was the best I ever had , sturdy , stable and rugged. While Kodiak offers many styles , THIS tent has 2 doors , a must have . Due to the wildfire , my economic decision is to live in this tent for one year .. it can take it !

  • 5
    9 x 12 cabin tent w both awning wall kits

    Posted by Mark Sommers on 09-24-22

    I'll be 70 soon , Owned this fine wall tent for quite a few years. 2 twin beds with an isle between and a table/nightstand at the back wall.. a great setup ! The deluxe awning (permanently attached but pocket packed/deployable) makes this a no-brainer for the additional wall kit . Very stout construction but not bulky like an old mil-spec canvas . Alas , my home and this fine tool were taken by wildfire in Rural San Diego county on September 3rd (Border 23 fire) along with my age appropriate Glamping necessities and I am now ordering the same Kodiak model.. I have decided to "tent it" for one year on my property while I collect my thoughts .. why THIS TENT over the more spacious 12 x 12 model ? The second door and the convenient cord/cable/hose passthrough ! Exact fitting , foldable outdoor RV "carpets" can be found for both the tent and awning room floors . If needed I'll install a stove pipe jack in the vestibule roof . Like others I fretted over the Chinese manufacturer BUT the positive reviews were many .. this product is clearly the exception and highly recommended by me . -- Mark Sommers in Potrero 91963

  • 5
    Worth Every Penny

    Posted by Ben on 08-16-22

    Fantastic tent! Purchased at a local retailer and couldn't be happier. Feels much more like a room at a campsite than a TENT! We purchased the awning enclosure as well as the base tarp and floor cover for inside. I'm not as impressed with the interior floor covering. While it is canvas and has the same water repelling treatment as the rest of the tent - it's the same color as the ceiling. I think it would be much better if this were a darker canvas. It also didn't hold the same water repelling ability where we walked on it after our first outings. Easier to set up than expected after the first try, my five-year-old and I set it up together at Yellowstone last week in about 20 minutes. If you're looking for a quality tent and have the room to carry this - it's great!

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    Awesome tent, terrible zippers

    Posted by Zack on 08-15-22

    This tent is, for the most part, incredibly well built and reliable. It has held up marvellously in the Colorado highlands against high wind, intense rain, and even some snow. Unfortunately, the door zippers are absolute garbage. We followed the instructions to the letter, cleaned them regularly, and even applied some zipper lubricant to keep things moving. The front door has been non functional for months, and the awning door followed shortly thereafter, leaving us with no working doors. A tent isn't good for much without doors, and support took two weeks to reply to me and, to date since my last response, has left me hanging for nearly two weeks again. After this experience, I'd be hard pressed to ever buy a kodiak tent again, nor recommend one to anyone who needs a heavy duty tent for long stretches. This is a casual investment at best, and far too expensive for that, unless you know how to replace your own zippers. *** Zach Thanks for your honest review. Sorry to hear about the zipper trouble. As per the owners manual, please do not apply lubricant to the zippers. This usually acts as a dust magnet and causes the zippers to wear quicker. Also when you zip doors hold them so zippers operate smooth rather than grinding. This will prolong zipper life. We use top of the line zippers that perform very well with very few complaints. Reach out to customer service and let's see if we can get you taken care of.

  • 5

    Posted by Mat on 07-15-22

    Nicest tent i purchased.. could use some more guy lines for the awning..