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Hooray! Finally, a sleeping bag that is both warm AND comfortable. The Z Top™ sleeping bag has a unique top flap that comfortably seals in body heat and eliminates drafts. This revolutionary design allows you to sleep in the position you are most comfortable. You can even sprawl while keeping under the covers. In warmer conditions, you can fold back the top flap, or unzip and remove it.

In Kodiak Canvas fashion, this bag is constructed with premium materials and loaded with features. The top-of-the-line, locking, YKK zippers stay put and won’t travel during the night. Zippers are lined with anti-snag strips and have a full-length zipper baffle to reduce heat loss. Dual layer construction, with offsetting seams minimizes cold spots. A headrest at the top of the bag provides a comfortable area for head and arms. A pillow pocket helps keep a small pillow (not included) in place, or allows one to create a pillow by stuffing a sweatshirt into the space. A tech pocket provides a spot to keep a phone close at hand, inside your bag. The wedge-shaped foot box provides extra space, so toes don’t get scrunched. A zipper at the foot of the bag allows you to vent the bottom when needed. Roll up the bag and secure it with handy compression straps and snap buckles. It is made with a rugged water-resistant canvas shell, and a posh 100% cotton flannel liner. The efficient Factor-4™ insulation is a hollow fiber polyester that is light, fluffy, and very warm. A canvas duffel carry bag is included. Compatible with the Booster Quilt™ accessory (sold separately) that can boost the bag’s temperature rating by up to 30 degrees. Patent pending.

This extra-large tall size (XLT) will comfortably accommodate sleepers up to 6’6” tall and 300 lbs.


  • Size: XLT Extra-large tall. 40 x 95 in.
  • 0°F temperature rating
  • Rectangular shape
  • 100% Cotton canvas shell / water resistant
  • 100% Cotton flannel liner / yarn dyed
  • Factor-4™ insulation / hollow fiber polyester
  • Comfort Seal Top Flap
  • Headrest with pillow pocket
  • YKK locking zippers
  • Anti-snag zipper strips
  • Zipper baffle
  • Wedge-shaped foot box
  • Tech pocket
  • Zipper at feet
  • Dual Layer with offset seams
  • Factor-4 insulation
  • Three compression straps with snap buckles
  • Canvas Duffel-Style carry bag
  • Booster Quilt compatible (sold separately)
  • Pack Weight: 14.6 lbs.

 Z Top Sleeping Bag Instruction Sheet

Choosing the Right Fit-Size and Rating

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

U.S. Patent No. D895,930. One or more United States and /or foreign patents pending. 

Additional Options (Sold Separately):

#1311 XLT Booster Quilt



  • 5
    Booster Quilt - XLT & 0°F XLT Z Top Rectangle Sleeping Bag

    Posted by marshall tomlinson on 11-27-23

    I live completely off grid. It has already dropped down into the 20's since my purchase. I haven't yet needed to crawl inside the sleeping bag, I have only needed to cover up with the quilt. It's so amazing and I am super happy with this purchase. I have also used it on my last overlanding camp and it fit inside my one man+ dog tent. Actually with the heavy winds and rain the set up made the platform a bit more stable. I love it - I'd buy it again !!!

  • 5
    Best Sleeping Bag Ever!

    Posted by Corey G on 02-22-23

    I’ve used and owned tons of high quality sleeping bags over the years but this bag is unbeatable. The quality zippered stow bag is plenty big enough for more than just the sleeping bag. The quality of the fabrics are very durable. The no snag zipper is awesome. The fill is very lofty. The foot box help keep your feet warm and comfortable. All of these characteristics make a great bag, but…..the unique design of the flap that you pull over your head makes this sleeping bag beat every other one on the market. I sleep with my arm under my pillow and with other sleeping bags my arm and upper body got cold. This flap covers everything above my shoulders, which keeps me warm and allows me to sleep how I want….comfortably! You won’t regret this purchase!

  • 5
    Kodiak XLT 0 degree bag

    Posted by Harrie on 10-29-22

    I use the bag for wall tent camping during hunting trips in the winter. Temperature often near zero we do have a firebox stove in the tents to help with temperatures but the temps will still get down very low especially if the fire burns out. The Kodiak 0° bag is quite comfortable rarely do I even use the extra cover blanket due to the warmth to the bag of on its own. During extremely cold nights I'll keep on a pair of socks long johns and a long sleeve t-shirt and sleep quite well. I do wish the bag compressed smaller as it takes up quite a bit of room in the truck and it's far too big to pack in on horseback.

  • 4
    Very nice sleeping bag

    Posted by Damon on 06-14-22

    I own several sleeping bags and use them every winter while camping and running hounds in Wyoming. The z top has intrigued me for awhile and I finally bought one. It's very comfortable in cold and warm Temps and the z top is a fantastic idea, very roomy plenty of length. The only downside I see is the width I've used a cabelas 44 mag for years and that 44" of width is nice when sleeping on a cot for a month, maybe kodiak could develop a wider one, I'd certainly buy it !! Great product though !

  • 5
    Customer service

    Posted by Dustin M Hensley on 03-24-22

    First off this sleeping bag is the best bag I've ever owned. With that being said I had to wash it. So I read the instructions on how to wash it. I washed it and the zipper came off because I think it got caught in the the washing machine and it ripped it off. Call Kodiak canvas and they made it right with me when it wasn't there fault at all. Thankyou so much Jon for doing this for me. I wish all companies had your kind of customer service. Will only buy from them from this experience. Thankyou all again

  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Ryan on 02-14-22

    Great bag very soft and warm love the craftsmanship and color fits great in my Canvas bedroll

  • 5

    Posted by William on 11-22-21

    The z top is an amazing idea. I broke a sweat in 27 degree weather and had to undo the top. Worth every penny!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff Martin on 11-18-21

    I purchased this item hurridly before a cold-weather Montana hunt. The sales rep busted his butt to get it to me in time. In short, it performed flawlessly as a basecamp bag in a wall tent. Very roomy, and comfortable in single digits temps. Highly recommended.

  • 4
    Little heavy but well worth it!

    Posted by Jaci Stimach on 09-23-21

    This sleeping bag is amazing. The rectangular shape allows for your feet to have room to move. The material is a nice warm feeling in cool nights and/or mornings. I love the pillow holder! The only down size is the weight of the bag…it’s a bit heavy but well worth it!!